Xiaocao Qingqing Electronic And Technology (Wuhan) Co., Ltd.

Our company Xiaocao Qingqing Electronic And Technology(wuhan)co.,Ltd. began to sell on Alibaba in 2018.Our main products is metal hilt lightsaber with high light and loud sound.We have our own factory to produce complete lightsaber.What is lightsaber,it is not just a simple glowing stick.It is a dream.A fantastic science fiction dream about hero,star wars and lightsaber.The lightsaber – An elegant weapon for a more civilised age.In the movie Universe, the lightsaber is the weapon of the Jedi Order, and the Sith Empire.A seemingly – never ending power supply charges a Plasma blade that can cut through almost anything it touches! You must be strong with the force, and train relentlessly to master the weightless blade, and defeat any opponent you clash with.In our world, the lightsaber is a high-end replica, that looks and sounds amazing, and provides hours and hours of endless fun for adults and children alikeCrafted with high quality Aluminium hilts, featuring high-power 12W LEDs,LED String Blades,Neopixel RGB LED, and an incredibly durable Polycarbonate Blade, our sabers are hard wearing, comfortable to use and look amazing.When you hold one of our lightsaber.It will means you are a coser,a hero,light or dark side depending on the light colors you are going to select.What our goal is making everyone's fantastic dreams come true easily and producing cost effective great lightsaber for playing, performance, stunt, lightsaber combat,lightsaber fencing,cosplay,lightsaber kendo, exercise and so on. We are Chinese number one lightsaber company which on the line of lightsaber for many years and enjoy great reputation.We are extremely professional on manufacturing lightsaber hilt and lightsaber soundboard. We have the best research and development department in Shenzhen,China.The electronics city of the world.Which helping us developing lots of derivative products.With the requirement of thousands of customers' from every corner of the world for lightsaber,we have lots of accessories of lightsaber.For example lightsaber soundboard,lightsaber empty hilt and parts,lightsaber stand,lightsaber case,lightsaber blade,lightsaber blade plug,Neopixel strip,Neopixel blade,lightsaber cosplay costume,etc,.We are not only offering products in stock but also offering customizable service with any requirements of customers.For example custom lightsaber hilt and lightsaber soundboard.Please feel free to let us know any ideas of yours.We will offer you our best service to follow your requirement.With long time developing we have full experience on manufacturing high quality lightsabers and offering the world most cost effective lightsabers.Product marketing to the United States, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Mexico, Argentina, Singapore, New Zealand, Japan,Malaysia,Philippines etc.With the ever-increasing ability to innovate, highlight the flexible customization capabilities, the increasingly perfect delivery ability to win the trust and cooperation of global customers.If you have more questions,please contact us.Many thanks for joining xiaocaoqingqing toy company to spreading happy. May the force be with you.We are waiting for you.
Business Type: Trading Company
Main Products:Lightsaber, Lightsaber Accessories, Speakers, Aircraft Toys
Total Employees: 11 – 50 People
Year Established:2018
Total Annual Revenue: confidential
Markets:North America 52.00%,Eastern Europe 10.00%,Western Europe 10.00%
Operational Address1802, Unit 4, Teachers' Apartment, Wenhua College, Hongshan District, Wuhan, Hubei, China


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