Ningbo GYL International Trade Co., Ltd.

GYL is a global as well as local company, and we are global in reach, but local in relationships. Although GYL Global Ltd. conducts business world-wide, it is not well known outside the growing circle of repeat buyers who prefer English-speaking staff, consistent professional 24-hour service, quality control they can depend on, and competitive pricing. No one sources products in China like GYL. We know the best factories, and many of the smaller ones. We treat people as we want to be treated, so we can often get sweeter deals, and special handling. We know the good inspectors who test and certify outgoing products with integrity, and the ones who sell their certification stamp regardless of merit. On top of that, we have specialists in home products, tools, and construction equipment, so they can speak your language on a technical level too, and recognize good stuff when they see it.While it is true that you get what you pay for, at GYL you only pay once. The hidden costs of flawed products, shoddy workmanship, and "service" in name only, do not exist at GYL. You can take your money to the bank, and sleep at night, because GYL stands behind every deal, all the time.When it comes to negotiating price and terms, GYL is known to be tough because we always come prepared with the facts, but we are fair, and they know it. We keep track of prevailing costs, and trends, so the best deal is one where the factory makes money, but not enough to retire, and our buyers enjoy a competitive margin that makes selling good products easier, and with higher ROI.Another reason for GYL's consistently growth is that we bring new profitable products to the attention of both factories, and buyers. New material substitutions, product improvements, shipping options, marketing strategies, along with insights to economic and political news, are passed along too. We also share engineering, design, and management expertise with the factories to help them stay competitive. The net synergy created by overlapped and integrated levels of trust, loyalty, and cooperation give GYL far more economic energy than companies many times bigger.GYL accepts big orders and smaller ones. We know that small businesses can grow successfully with the right management, products and cooperative support from the right people. GYL has the right people. From legal and engineering, to design, sales, and shipping; GYL has the experience you can rely on. We invite you to call, or email us at any time. Time zones exist, but our staff works around the clock to serve your needs. Often, an acceptable product source can be located within hours, sometimes in minutes. We know that time is money, and timing can be critical, so we always do our best to make sure you have the edge on competition.
Business Type: Trading Company
Main Products:Home & Kitchen products, Garden Product, Rugs, Baby Products, DIY products
Total Employees: 51 – 100 People
Year Established:2014
Total Annual Revenue: US$10 Million – US$50 Million
Markets:South Asia 15.00%,North America 15.00%,Western Europe 12.00%
Operational Address705 Dongwei Building, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China


Uniker Sport Co., Ltd.

Uniker Sport Co.Ltd., formally founded in 2004, has been developing sportinggoods,sport game, health equipment,leisure entertainment product and producing badminton rackets since 2006Now we expander our business scope, establishing "Uniker International trading Company", comes to be complex business.New Business Scope includes:Sporting Goods, bags & luggages, shoes & garment, Children garment,part school music instrument, and will be […]